- Minor Popcorn -


Once upon a time, there was a little girl with short hair who had a heart as big as the sky.

This little adventurer had a sweet secret – she loved popcorn more than anything else in the world.

One day, while sitting in her cozy kitchen, she had the most amazing idea. She thought, “Popcorn is great, but what if it could be even greater?” With that spark of imagination, she started her fantastic popcorn journey.

In her tiny kitchen, surrounded by popcorn kernels of all shapes and sizes,

she became a flavor magician. She mixed and matched ingredients like caramel, BBQ sauce, and other tasty treats.


But why would anyone tinker with popcorn, you might wonder? Well, our little genius believed that popcorn could be a bit like magic. So, she sprinkled some special Japanese spices on it, and that’s when the real popcorn magic began.

- Product -


Osaka BBQ

Caramel hokkaido milk

Tokyo cheese

Fuji sour cream

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